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Whether you’re choosing a natural gas supplier for the first time or switching from another gas provider, here are three solid reasons to go with Ohio Natural Gas:

  1. We provide options.
    Your local gas provider currently only offers pricing that may change or remain the same each month. Want to lock in your rate with a fixed plan? ONG offers fixed plans and variable plans designed to suit your needs. Find the one that’s right for you.

  2. We care about our customers.
    Our exceptional customer service is at the ready. Call 1.888.466.4427 to speak with one of our representatives.

  3. We offer outstanding perks.
    You can earn rewards when you refer friends to sign up for ONG. Check out the details of our Refer-a-Friend Program. 


Cut Energy Usage and Save

  1. Getting rid of old refrigerators or freezers may save you up to $150 per year.

  2. Set your water heater thermostat to “warm”, or 120 degrees. Turn it down more if you will be away from home.

  3. Purchase ENERGY STAR® approved kitchen appliances that cook more efficiently.

For more energy saving tips, visit:

Home Energy Saver